I have been a police officer in Rochester area for more than 10 years. I've had much experience dealing with reporters and camera men. I have been disgusted for years by their inaccurate and biased way of reporting the local news. They show no tact,sensitivity or objectivity in their reports but instead thrive on controversy and violence.

A camera man I dealt with a few years comes to mind who was upset that I wouldnt allow him to move into a crime scene to capture video of the corpse lying in the road after a vicious knife attack. He cared little about the need for the police to process the evidence and gave no thought to the mans three children (aged 8-12) who may watch the news later that day. His response to me was,"the people have a right to know." Apparently he felt that the story couldn't be told without graphic video.

Much of the news staff I have come in contact with seem to see themselves as local heroes risking all to save and defend the people of Rochester. They have delusions of grandure. I've seen this attitude many times. I only briefly looked over your web site and watched the video clips. Im not entirely sure what your objective is yet but Id like to applaud you for beating them at their own game. Those are public streets and public places and you have no less right to be there than they do.

The media intrudes on the privacy of decent people every day and are far more intrusive than your actions were. They belive that "freedom of press" means that they have a right to go anywhere and shamelessly report whatever they choose without being held accountable for accuracy or fairness. Unfortunately..they ARE never held accountable for inaccurate reporting. I know this first hand.

Your actions frustrated the hell out of those clowns and I have to admit I liked it. Ill be watching for you.

(Signature redacted)