When News Breaks, We Bust It




(UNDISCLOSED LOCATION) February 18, 2005 - The controversial media watchdog group NEWSBREAKERS has published an online legal scrapbook outlining its dispute with a New York broadcaster.

"Awakening Your Inner NEWSBREAKER: An illustrated scrapbook for reclaiming the airwaves and improving the mood" highlights NEWSBREAKERS' recent journey through the American justice system. The multimedia guide is available at

"It's full of news makers, news fakers and NEWSBREAKERS," said the group's meteorologist, Norm Weathers.

The web-based text features new audio, video, and still images from the January 2005 NEWSBREAKERS bust in Rochester, NY and the resulting court battle the media critics encountered with a local television station.

"It would create an inequitable karmic balance to hoard these rich, primary source documents in the NEWSBREAKERS archive," says Dizzy Monk, the group's entertainment and religion reporter. "We believe 'Awakening' will take its rightful place alongside other touchstone historical documents of its kind like the Magna Carta and that last Kurt Cobain biography."

"I like it…it's good," added sportscaster Ted Michaels. An awkward silence followed.

NEWSBREAKERS is a nonpartisan media watchdog organization that offers comment and critique on the role of TV news. The group relies on parody and non-traditional media interventions.

The group is currently planning future events.

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