NEWSBREAKERS Application Guidelines
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NEWSBREAKERS is always cultivating new contacts both within and outside the news industry. Our work depends on it. Maybe you're interested in getting involved, but aren't ready to sport a mask and transform a liveshot. We still want to hear from you. You can monitor TV news in your town and send us video of particularly grievous news elements. Or, maybe you're able to host a NEWSBREAKERS visit. We don't need much and always clean up after ourselves. Perhaps you're in the position to play patron and want to sponsor a visit? Take a moment to review some initial questions below and get in touch.

1.) Why do you want to get involved?

2.) What can you offer NEWSBREAKERS?

3.) What can NEWSBREAKERS do for you?

4.) Where do you live?

5.) Have you signed up for an account on our message board?

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