When News Breaks, We Bust It.




(ROCHESTER, NY) - APRIL 15, 2005 - The Reverend Utah Snakewater "exorcised" Clear Channel demons from a Rochester, New York live television broadcast.

In a ceremony commissioned by the firebrand media watchdog group NEWSBREAKERS, the Reverend Snakewater intercepted a live news broadcast by Clear Channel property WHAM-TV (Ch. 13). Snakewater carried a wooden cross and delivered harsh criticism for the media conglomerate. Clear Channel owns WHAM-TV as well as WHAM 1180 AM in Rochester. Nationally, the company owns more than 1200 radio stations and 41 television stations. It also owns major interests in outdoor advertising and concert venues.

Video of the event is available on

"Clear Channel is like a serpent, coiled with the government, releasing its venom into the bloodstream of America," bellowed Snakewater from a street corner to the television masses. The Reverend preached passionately during the live telecast, upstaging a reporter and drawing a photographer away from his post. The Reverend continued the exorcism unfazed. The reporter aborted his broadcast.

"The spirit moved us to take action against Clear Channel," said NEWSBREAKERS Senior Political Correspondent Buck Owens. "That, and a direct invitation." Owens would not elaborate on the nature of the invitation.

"Excellent journalism, like exorcisms, requires persistence," said NEWSBREAKERS anchor JD Rozz. "But unlike journalism, exorcisms take patience," he added.

The Reverend Snakewater kicked off a tour of the Northeast with the Rochester visit. It included a concert of original inspirational music and evangelical messages.

NEWSBREAKERS is a nonpartisan, nonviolent media watchdog group. It offers comment and critique on the role of television news in informing the public. The group relies on parody and non-traditional media transformations. It is currently planning future events.