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(NEW YORK, NY) - APRIL 4, 2005 - A reporter resorted to fisticuffs when a man reading a Bible wandered too close to the reporter's live broadcast.

WABC (Ch. 7) reporter Jeff Rossen attempted what appeared to be a Vulcan mind meld on a man dressed as a priest during a live report. Rossen placed his hand on the back of the man's neck and then administered an un-Spock-like shove before chasing the presumed priest down the street. Video of the event is available at

Rossen first rose to notoriety in Michael Moore's film Bowling for Columbine. His role in the documentary contrasts a somber on-camera demeanor with a hot temper and marked concern for his hair.

"That dude flipped his wig again," said reclusive NEWSBREAKER Dizzy Monk.

"It was sort of like a Jeff Rossen longitudinal study," said NEWSBREAKER Norm Weathers. "We wanted to check back five years later and give Mr. Rossen a chance to redeem himself after Mr. Moore's vicious edit. Needless to say, we are always disappointed when people decide to grab clergy, real or not, by the neck."

Rossen was just getting into his "walk to nowhere" live shot, highlighted by windmill hand gestures and you-should-have-seen-this-place-a-few-hours-ago equivocations, when the assumed priest approached. As soon as the live shot went to pre-recorded video, Rossen pounced. A NEWSBREAKERS camera crew recorded the reporter's reaction.

"Did we do anything wrong?" Rossen can be heard asking his photographer. "What did I do to the guy?"

Rossen hosts a weekly segment on WABC called "What's Bugging You?" where he examines life's irritations. In a recent installment, Rossen pondered the amount of air found in a bag of potato chips.

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